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What is the Fastest Way to Gain Facebook Followers?

The fastest way to gain Facebook followers is to simply invite people who have engaged with your posts to follow your page. Inviting people who engage with that content is a great feature Facebook offers business page owners but few are actually aware of.

Invite Non-Friends to Like Your Page

1. Go to your Facebook business page and scroll down to your most recent post. Click on the names of people who have engaged with the post (highlighted in yellow below).

2. Click the "Invite" button (highlighted in yellow below). If they already like your page the button will not be active and will say "Liked". After you invite them to like your page the button will also not be active and will either say, "Invited" or "Liked" depending if they ended up liking your page or not.

3. Scroll down and invite everyone with an active "Invite" button next to their name. Repeat this process for all your posts. You may get a message that says you have reached your maximum number of invites. Facebook doesn't seem to have an official limit, but I believe I was restricted to 500 invites per day until reaching 10,000 followers.

Invite Friends to Like Your Page

1. Go to your Facebook business page and click on the button with the three small dots on it, just above where you would go to write a new post. Then select "Invite Friends" from the drop down menu.

2. Now you can search for friends and select which ones you would like to invite to like your business page.

Facebook and Reach

Facebook page owners have increasingly seen their Facebook organic reach (number of people each post is seen by without paid boosting or ads) decrease. Some estimates say that as little as 2% of your page followers see each post.

That's why posting quality content that provides your followers value is more important than ever. If the 2% of your followers who see a post enjoy it, they will engage with it. Then, at least some of their friends (who may or may not already follow your page) will also see that content. If they see that post and also enjoy it, they are likely to engage with it. From there, you'll have more people to invite to like your page and grow your audience. The bigger your audience gets, the more people get included in that 2% group.

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