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One Day for Iowa Data Studio Dashboards

Provided public, user-friendly dash boards to display goal-centric Google analytics campaign results in real-time for the University of Iowa's 24-hour giving day team members.

One Day for Iowa is the University Iowa's 24-hour online giving day. Held annually at the end of March, the giving day supports students, faculty, research, healthcare, athletics, and more--helping Iowa maintain its status as a top-tier public university.

The most recent One Day for Iowa raised $1,482,134 from 3,569 donors.

As the Senior Digital Marketing Strategist on the team, I play a critical role in the success of the campaign each year. I'm responsible for the digital strategy surrounding web analytics, social media (paid and organic), email, and campus partner collaboration.

In order to make data-backed decisions regarding the effectiveness of each digital strategy, I spearheaded the initiative to create custom links to the campaign website. These links utilized Google UTM parameters to track web session, donation, donor, and more metrics in real-time.

For the past two campaigns, I have created Google Data Studio dashboards to make this work both visible and easy to access for team members, featured areas (100+ peers fundraising across campus), and organizational leadership members.

The dashboards provide real-time results that clearly show which links are bringing in the most donations so we can make quick decisions regarding digital strategy. Should we add more money to a certain digital ad? Should we send another email out at 8 p.m. asking for donations because a certain goal hasn't been met?

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