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Not Your Average Portfolio

Data-driven decision making and marketing innovation are crucial in today's business landscape. By analyzing data, I uncover valuable insights, understand customer behavior, and optimize marketing strategies. This enables me to deliver personalized experiences, target the right audience, improve ROI, and stay ahead of competition. Take a look at some of my work to see this in action.

One Day for Iowa

The University Iowa's 24-hour online giving day has taken place annual at the end of March since 2016. Funds raised during giving day supports students, faculty, research, healthcare, athletics, and more--helping Iowa maintain its status as a top-tier public university.

I play a critical role in the success of the campaign each year. I'm responsible for the digital strategy surrounding web analytics (tracking results), social media (paid and organic), email marketing, and collaborating with over 100 campus partners. In order to make data-backed decisions regarding the effectiveness of each digital strategy, I spearheaded the initiative to create custom links to the campaign website. These links utilized Google UTM parameters to track web sessions, donations, and more metrics in real-time. Data dashboards make results visible and easy to access for team members, campus partners, and organizational leadership.


Data Dashboard

To be data-driven, everyone on the team has to understand and have access to information. By providing user-friendly data dashboards, team members can remain agile in decision making to achieve the best results possible.

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Campaign Results

If you can't track it, did the strategy really happen?

I create comprehensive digital marketing summaries that not only track every tactic, but proves ROI or explains what lesson a "failed" effort provided for future campaigns.

Data Science

Through data visualization, predictive modeling, and machine learning algorithms, I transform complex datasets into actionable solutions. Each project demonstrates my ability to leverage data-driven strategies for informed decision-making. With interactive visualizations, clear explanations, and detailed methodologies, these examples offer a glimpse into my analytical skills and problem-solving mindset. By exploring these projects, you will witness my passion for uncovering patterns, driving innovation, and making data-driven impact in various domains.

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Influencers of OWI Rates in Iowa

For a capstone project, I worked with three others to explore influencers of Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) rates in Iowa utilizing data science methodologies. The final variables uncovered multiple interesting and unexpected takeaways.


Social Analytics Insights

This project provided Grizzly Industrial (a real company) with actionable business insights gathered using social analytics including word clouds, clustering models, and subplot functions.


Being an award-winning digital marketing speaker is a testament to my expertise, communication skills, and ability to connect with diverse audiences both online and in person. With a deep understanding of strategies and trends, I deliver insightful presentations that empower individuals and organizations to elevate their digital strategy efforts.

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Iowa Newsletter Redesign: A Data-Driven Visual Hierarchy Approach

Learn how the University of Iowa Center for Advancement improved the open rate of is monthly newsletter to more than 150,000 alumni and friends by 97 percent and the click rate by 39 percent through a comprehensive redesign of the email template.


MarketingProfs Instructor

As an instructor for the Email Marketing Master Course through MarketingProfs University, I present "The Busy Marketer's Guide to Improving Email Effectiveness Through A/B Testing" as well as advanced email marketing classes on voice/tone and agile application.


SEO FTW: Search Engine
Optimization For The Win

CASE All District Conference lead co-presenter on SEO (search engine optimization) strategies that grew organic search traffic to our digital university magazine a whopping 97% between 2018 and 2019.


Social Analytics Insights

One of many presentations I've given on social media for startups and non-profits. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience at events that benefit my local area. 

Reporting & Insights

Analytical reporting provides valuable insights into key performance indicators, audience behavior, and A/B testing outcomes, enabling marketers to make data-driven decisions to continually refine their digital marketing strategy for better results. I'm able to translate large amounts of data into actionable next steps through compelling storytelling by combining my extensive business analytics education and creative skill set.

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92% Increase in Click Rate

Through my direct leadership, the award-winning monthly e-newsletter sent to over 150,000 Hawkeyes (University of Iowa alumni and supporters) has seen a 158 percent increase in average open rates, 92 percent increase in average click through rates, and 36 percent decrease in unsubscribe rates.

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